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So...Employment Sector in Crisis?


The Angela Mortimer blue book 2010, the country’s largest survey of employee attitudes, has identified a number of key issues that most organisations have overlooked or are reluctant to accept.

Many of these were discussed in the latest online webinar, hosted by John Mortimer where strategies for change in organisations were discussed by the panel in order to potentially overcome the apparent mis-matches in attitudes between organisations and candidates.

The panel included:

Robert Potter
Chairman, City HR Association
Group Head HR, Jardine Lloyd Thompson


John Philpott
Chief Economist,


Davide Sola
Former Dean, ESCP Europe
Director, La Banca del Mezzogiorno 



John Mortimer
Angela Mortimer plc


The blue book is one of the largest employment attitude surveys in the UK. Over 2000 organisations and candidates contributed to the research across all market sectors in Paris, Brussels, London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham and the surrounding regions.  

For more information please contact your consultant. To view the webinar recording: Employment Sector in Crisis? please click here.

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