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Return on Investment is the measured benefit to an investor resulting from an investment of some resource. At least that’s what Wikipedia says it is.

Some things, however, are immeasurable. For example you would never consider applying ROI to a relationship with a spouse or a friend. Same for a professional relationship, but they are vital that’s undoubted. So I consulted my old friend Google and uncovered a rather interesting concept: Return on Experience x Engagement or ROE2.

One thing the ROI calculator is unable to compute is ‘emotion’ . Some food for thought – why do we stand in line longer to pay more at Starbucks, Whole Foods or the Apple store?

Why use the services of the Angela Mortimer Group?

To help with the answer I circulated an email amongst senior members of staff across the group, asking simply if there had been instances where candidates had become clients and if indeed there were occasions where those relationships had even developed as far as friendship. My inbox went into overdrive for a short while and here are a few of the highlights.

In Birmingham, Katie Bard estimated that 45% of their new clients come as a result of candidate referrals. Excel Careers in Brussels responded with 15 examples of clients that had originally been placed as candidates. My personal favourite, the story of Laura, originally placed as a PA in London by Jess Norton, before progressing to the position of CEO within a global company. Jess has recently recruited a new PA for Laura.

Quality really is cheaper than cheap, especially when you have a reputation for providing unparalleled service and are able to prosper as a result of word of mouth referrals. There is nothing more powerful in a marketing context than customer advocacy and within the Angela Mortimer context this is our candidates performing the role of the marketer.

‘I would always recommend Angela Mortimer to any family, friends and colleagues who are looking to find a new role.’ Natalie (Candidate who became a Client)

‘I really can't thank Rosie enough. Without her I wouldn't have had the opportunities I've had. Rosie has since placed my own administrator for me and I knew from my own experience that she would find us the right person.’ Fran (Candidate who became a Client)

Not everything is as black and white as a spreadsheet. If the focus is on quality and providing the best possible service to your customers (or candidates) the spreadsheets will take care of themselves.

Ben Ryder-Smith

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