International Women’s Day 2021

Monday, 8th March, is International Women’s Day 2021.

We are proud that we continue to work each day in a gender bias free environment, promoting the career and position of what has historically been seen as the support role inside a business – the Typist, the Secretary, the Personal Assistant, the Executive Assistant and now the evolution into true Business Assistant.  We are proud that every year we report Gender Pay Gap findings that support that our companies have equal pay and rewards free from gender bias.  Most importantly, we are proud that we are in a position to effect change and to provide each and every person that we encounter a chance to take a step forward and reach their potential.

 This year, Angela has been interviewed by the French Chamber of Commerce as part of their IWD celebrations.  They will be promoting a series of videos from 30 influential women in both France and the UK. Here are some of them.

What challenges

What does Women’s Day mean to you

What makes you proud in your work

Your message for Women’s Day

Who are the women who have inspired you?