Sensational EA for Multi-faceted Entrepreneur (ID:12180)

Intitulé de poste
Executive Assistant Jobs
Type de contrat
£65,000 - £75,000
Date de création
Date d’expiration
Secteur d’activité
Charities, Healthcare, Publishing
Sensational EA need for hugely successful multi-faceted and charismatic entrepreneur. This entrepreneur, inspires everyone around him. He is always thinking of new ideas and projects to help make the world a better place. His keys interests are science, music and history. Supported by a team of driven staff based in Mill Hill, North London, he is looking for a likeminded, highly organised, calm, and multi-tasking EA. Someone to be his right hand and oversee his projects, the linchpin between him and his office. The person who is going to be best suited to this role is going to love brain storming ideas and get enthusiastic about the prospect of new ideas and exciting projects. No two days will be the same and the pace will be fast therefore this person is going to need initiative, excellent prioritisation and organisation skills and high EQ.

The type of responsibilities includes:
  • Dairy management, inbox, correspondence, international travel
  • Prioritising the principal’s workload
  • Researching and establishing contacts with relevant people for new projects
  • Providing daily briefs on the morning’s news and any other new relevant information on his current projects
  • Accompanying him to meetings/lunches/exhibitions/auction houses
  • Optimising his social media presence
  • And much more

You will need to be someone who can share his passion and enthusiasm for people and his mission for making the world a better place. This is an amazing opportunity to work alongside an absolutely charming, highly intelligent, very impressive and exciting individual.

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